Prom 2018: Dates and Food Options

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license.

Lauren Kim , Staff Writer

Prom 2k18! It is an excitable experience that all students should take a part in and create a fond memory to look back on. Although prom is months away, the Junior Class Board would like to mention a few reminders for the upcoming event.

The official date for prom is May 12th, 2018! Mark your calendars please if you are planning on attending.

If you would like to bring guests be sure to complete the step one form by Thursday, April 5th and the step two form should be completed by Friday, April 6th.

All students who choose to attend prom must submit a table request form by Thursday, April 19th.

There is more information on specific due dates on this link:

However, besides these important dates, here are some details about this year’s prom that the planning committee wishes to inform those who are thinking about attending. Food! Quite the important and debatable topic here. As a representative who went to the food-tasting event for this year’s prom, I can personally say that the dishes are exquisite and divine to the taste buds. Sadly, we cannot provide steak for everyone due to time and price, but nevertheless, the chicken entrée is very delicious and assorted with grilled vegetable garnishes topped with a creamy and sweet pea sauce. There are also rumors and opinions circulating about the vegetarian dishes in past years, but I can guarantee that many of the students may choose the vegetarian despite not actually being vegetarian. The dish consists of a crispy eggplant parmesan topped with a stretchy and delightful mozzarella cheese. Both entrées have mushroom ravioli on the side, but don’t be alarmed mushroom haters! There were some individuals during the tasting that absolutely detested mushrooms, but this ravioli doesn’t have the texture of mushrooms at all. The mushrooms are finely chopped, so many people who dislike the texture should have no worries with this dish. Before this becomes a food article I will stop here and let everyone consider their options. Be sure to expect a different, fun,  and popping desert as well! If you have any questions feel free the contact members of the Junior Class Board and we will help you as much as we can. I hope everyone enjoys their prom this year!