Question of the Month: What Would You Do With $50,000? (Almond Campus)


Rebecca Benjamin, Staff Writer


“I would donate half of the money to charity and save the other half for college.”-Casey Fong (2021)


“I would probably open a gluten-free sandwich shop?”-Emily Wachter (2021)


“Travel across the world”-Carrie Cheung (2021)


“Buy a new car and save the rest”-Carley Steres (2021)


“Buy Canada”-Nidhi Shanmugam (2021)


“Go to Atlantis” -Jacob Scheffler (2021)


“Buy a car and lots of shoes”-Ethan Lee (2021)


“Invest it in Warren”-Bradley Strauss (2021)


“Save it or donate it”-Shalini Kolli (2021)


“Save the money and help my parents retire”-Hayley Walters (2021)


“Use the money to pay for college tuition”-Kennedy Cano (2021)


“Pay for college tuition”-Anjali Johnson (2021)


“Keep some, donate the rest”-Ifra Waris (2021)


“Convert it to pennies”-Lucas Milewski (2020)


“Save it to use for college”-Kyle Radovan (2020)


“I would save the money for college”-Kevin Almanza (2021)


“Put it in the bank and save up interest, and use it after college”-Anna Wheeler (2021)


“I would fix the water system in my house”-Ismary Mascorro (2020)


“I would go to Mexico and Greece”-Icess Bahena (2020)


“I would go on a series of long vacations all over the world”-Alexis Woodley (2020)


“I would buy a bunch of tacos”-Megha Patel (2020) 


“I would buy seeds and plots of land to grow more trees”-Rebecca Benjamin (2020)



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