Red Cross Club’s Healthcare Workers and Patients Volunteering Event


Priyal Patel, Writer

Red Cross club has been consistently finding ways to engage people on important topics such as mental and physical health, natural disaster safety procedures, and fire and water safety. To keep their members engaged they have invited guest speakers to talk and elaborate on these topics and to talk about their first-hand experiences. Although COVID-19 has restricted many of Warren’s clubs from hosting volunteering events, Red Cross thought of a safe way to volunteer virtually. Officers Ishan Patel, Nidhi Shanmugam, Nicole Ignacio, and Jasmine Rivera-Roman decided to do a volunteering event during the month of November as a way of spreading gratitude. They had the members of their club write letters of appreciation to healthcare workers and words of encouragement to hospital patients. Healthcare workers have worked tirelessly and made so many sacrifices to help out those in need during the pandemic. Hospital patients affected by COVID-19 also need an extra boost of motivation to keep them positive during these dark times. Members of the club could either handwrite a letter for healthcare workers or hospital patients or virtually make a card and upload on various provided websites. During the letter making process, holiday music was being played while members of the club planned out and carefully wrote and decorated their letters.