Retiring Staff- A Special Farewell to the Athletic Director Mrs. Belmont


Michela Schenk, Editor

Like many students at Warren, I have had the pleasure of participating in numerous sports in my time here. My experience thus far has been amazing. Truthfully, I am proud to say I am a Warren athlete. From the many different facilities available for our use… to the intelligent and supportive coaches, D121 Athletics is a program that has given so many students a chance for a brighter future after high school. This year alone, several athletes committed to division 1 programs in college and this likely would not have been possible without the support of their high school coaches and teams.

And the women in charge of all this…well, after all her hard work for the district Mrs. Belmont, our Athletic Director, will be retiring.

Mrs. Belmont worked at Warren for 27 amazing years! She came to the district from another school district when ours was still a smaller one. When I had the pleasure of speaking with her this spring Ms. Belmont reflected, “Warren had what I was looking for.  At the time it was 1 campus and enrollment was increasing drastically.  I was ready for a new challenge”.

Now our District is easily 3,000+ students and 2 very large campuses. Many of our sports have grown to have at least 3 levels. Mrs. Belmont has been at Warren to see and facilitate the changes that occur along with this exponential growth.

Her commitment to this community during her 27 years here is something we are incredibly grateful for.

This community she dedicated much of her time and work towards is exactly what Mrs. Belmont cited she’ll miss most during our interview:

“I will miss the students & athletes.  I have many great friends over the years.  While I hope to still be in contact with them, I will miss seeing them every day.”

Despite how much the district will miss her, we are excited to see where this new chapter of life brings her whether it be a new type of work post-retirement or the sandy beaches of Florida.

Mrs. Belmont hopes to spend her retirement spending time with family and travelling to warm places.

Before ending our interview I HAD to ask Mrs. Belmont the question athletes have been debating for years:

What was your favorite WTHS sport to watch?

“Trick question!  In all seriousness, I love watching ALL of the Warren athletes compete.  I can honestly say I don’t have a favorite WTHS sport to watch.  Watching kids, learn, work hard as a team, and support each other is the best.”

So although she may have not given me the emphatic answer of “Warren Soccer!” or “Warren Cross Country!”, which I was hoping for, I would say Mrs. Belmont handled my question the same way she handled our district’s athletic program:

With Grace and Pride.