Retiring Staff Member – Madame Kosonen

As the end of the school year is approaching, we prepare to say goodbye not only to the senior class, but to our retiring staff members as well. One such staff member is Madame Kosonen. 

Through my participation in both French classes and the French National Honor Society, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Madame over the past school year. Her dedication and passion for the french language are apparent through her lessons and she makes learning about francophone culture interesting and exciting. 

Madame Kosonen started teaching at WTHS 29 years ago in 1994, after previously teaching at Deer Path Junior High in Lake Forest. Throughout the 29 years here, she has made a huge impact on the French and Foreign Language Department as a whole. When asked what her favorite memory was from her time at Warren, she replied “Impossible to pick one memory out of 29 years. I will always treasure the relationships with my students and how enriching they have been to my life. I am especially proud of the exchange program and trips to France that I organized that allowed students to make world connections. In some cases these have turned into lifelong friendships. In other cases, the familiarity gave students the courage to go work or study in France or Québec. There are quite a few who have gone on to become French teachers or work in industry with their language skills”. 

In her retirement, there will be no shortage of plans to keep Madame Kosonen busy. While she will miss the many colleague friends she has made, she is looking forward to having more time to pursue her interests, as well as reading for pleasure. She would like to get a Master Gardener Certificate and travel a lot more with her new free time. She also plans on continuing her connection to French with her membership to the Sister Cities Association, which is tied to a city in France, sponsors the Farmers’ Market, and gives scholarships to students to study in France. Additionally, she plans to invest more time into disability advocacy in her area. 

We as a Warren community, and especially the French program will undoubtedly miss Madame Kosonen next year, but we wish her luck in retirement!