Retiring Teachers – Mr. Paulus


Lia Tondeva, Staff Writer

After 35 years of counseling and numerous memorable experiences, Mr. Paulus has decided to retire. He worked at the Almond Campus with five other counselors, and he always looked forward to “the daily energy of our students and amazing teachers.” Mr. Paulus’ favorite part of being a counselor was seeing the growth of his students and the accomplishments they would attain over the years; he would amiably help students who wanted to switch their schedules, ask questions about the school, identify solutions to problems, and much more. He will always cherish the memories of coaching student athletes and watching them reach their goals. After retiring (and engaging in some well-deserved celebration), he hopes to continue working in a slower paced, more relaxed profession.

 Mr. Paulus, your dedication to Warren is heavily appreciated and everybody will miss you once you begin your new adventures. Warren will not be the same without you. We wish you a restful retirement and an abundance of success in what you choose to do next. Thank you for bringing your helpful nature and amazing teamwork skills everyday and working relentlessly, solely to help others. Thank you for being my, and many other people’s, amazing counselor.