Retiring Teachers: Mrs. Filippo

Priyal Patel, Staff Writer

Even though I could not meet Mrs. Filippo face to face, I still got the privilege of interviewing her through email. She has been coaching at Warren for 19 years and I was fortunate enough to have her as a badminton coach for the short time the season lasted this year. It was nice to see her write back to me and reflect back on her years here at Warren.

Q. Where did you attend college?

A. Cameron University BS and United States Sports Academy MA


Q. How long have you been working at Warren? Have you taught/worked anywhere else and/or did you have a different career prior to this?

A. Taught at Warren for 15 years and coached at Warren 19 years. I started my teaching career at Lake Forest High School for 3 years, where I was a Para Pro and coached volleyball, gymnastics and track. Then took a position at Zion-Benton HS teaching PE and  coached head girls volleyball, poms, softball, and badminton. Then took 9 years off to raise my children but still coached badminton and volleyball. Then I took a Part-time PE position at Spaulding School for preschool to second grade for 3 years. Then took a teaching job at Gurnee Grade School teaching PE for kindergarten to sixth grade. I ended up at Warren to finish my teaching career.


Q. How do you plan to spend your retirement?

A. Travel as soon as possible. Revive some old hobbies that were put on hold and reconnect with my artistic side.


Q. What will you miss about your work?

A. I had so much fun teaching PE and coaching through the years. I will miss the kids that allowed me to push them to be their best. Those are the kids that kept me going.


Q. What will you miss about WTHS in specific?

A. I will still be around coaching badminton so really I will still be a Blue Devil.


Q. What is one of the most meaningful experiences you’ve had with Warren students?

A. Too many. The success stories I guess. I have gotten letters from past students thanking me for pushing them to do things that they might not have tried, and later to find out that they were really good at it. And the other would be teaching kids to swim and not fear the water.  I think that is so important. 


Q. If you could give students one last lesson, what would you tell them?

A. I did.  The Corona Virus brings light to this. If my students learned anything in my classes it would be to keep moving. And stay in shape. Exercise and eating right is what keeps you mentally and physically healthy. I always told kids to look at the cards you were dealt to see how you can better yourself.  Somethings cannot be changed, change the things that can.


Q. If you could teach any other class or work as any other job at Warren, what would it be?

A. ART,  I have always had a passion for ART


Q. If you were a student, what clubs would you join?

A. I would not have any time for clubs, because I would have been a 3 sport athlete.  But if time allowed I would join the student council, ski club, triathlon club, art club.


Q. What hopes do you have for Warren’s future?

A. One I hope you all get back inside the building, not everyone can learn by being home schooled.  But I really wish kids would stay kids just a little longer.  With all the social media teenagers grow up way too fast and miss out on the craziness of being a kid.  Play longer, live longer, you are only a kid for 18 years.  You’re an adult for way too many years to come.  ENJOY the first 18 and be nice to one another.