Retiring Teachers: Mrs. Tiedt


Priyal Patel

If you are at the O’Plaine campus or remember from your previous years there, you would’ve been to the Main Office of the building at least once. That is where Mrs. Tiedt has been working and interacting with the students who walk in and out of the office. Even though I couldn’t speak to her face to face, it was a refreshing experience to see her answer my questions and reflect back on her time here at Warren.

Q: Where did you attend college?                                 

A:  I did not attend college.  I enrolled in various business classes.


Q: How long have you been working at Warren?           

A: 15 ½ years


Q: Have you taught or worked anywhere else? Or did you have a different career prior to this?  

A: I worked at 2 other schools in Chicago and I was a property manager for 10 years.


Q: How do you plan to spend your retirement?             

A: I plan on getting more active, travel and spending more time with family and friends.


Q: What will you miss about your work?                       

A: Of course, my coworkers.  We worked very well together.  Hey, to the Main Office!


Q: What will you miss about WTHS in specific?             

A: Working in the Dean’s office, I made strong connections with the students.         


Q: What is one of the most meaningful experiences you’ve had with Warren students?         

A: Encouraging them, watching them become successful at Warren, and following their careers.


Q: If you could give students one last lesson, what would you tell them?         

A: Enjoy High School, it may be the best time of your life!             


Q: If you could work as any other job at Warren, what would it be?                

A: Probably a social worker or counselor. 


Q: If you were a student, what clubs would you join?                                      

A: I would join Student Council and Unite and Inform. Girls’ Softball team.


Q: What hopes do you have for Warren’s future?                                            

A: I hope Warren continues to provide the students with the best teachers, staff, and programs.


Q: Is there anything else you want us to include in the article?                        

A: I am thankful for my experiences at Warren, I will miss you all!