Retiring Teachers – Ms. Flowers


Elinor Hanner, Staff Writer

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and with it, many staff members are entering their final months at Warren. One of these people is the Almond Campus registrar, Ms. Flowers.

Ms. Flowers began her career at Warren in October 1990, when she started work as the Warren registrar. The school has changed a lot over the years; when Ms. Flowers first started working at Warren, there was not yet an Almond Campus. Yet Ms. Flowers has advice that will be longer-lasting: teamwork is essential and that we need others to help us grow and learn. 

Ms. Flowers has fond memories of her wonderful co-workers and the students and families she has helped over the years. As she enters her retirement, she has plans to travel, garden, read, spend time with loved ones, help people and animals, and make a difference in the community. 

Good luck to Ms. Flowers in her retirement, and thank you for your many dedicated years of service to the Warren community! You will be missed.