Retiring Teachers – Ms. Webster


Jordan Bode, Staff Writer

Mrs. Webster has been teaching at Warren Township High School for 27 years. She has been teaching for 31 years overall. Mrs. Webster taught at Lake Zurich before coming to Warren. She went to college at UVI for an English major. Mrs. Webster goes to mostly all of the games for the school. Mrs. Webster cares for her students as if they were her children. Mrs. Webster remembers all of her students even after 27 years. Mrs. Webster loves the environment of Warren as well as the people. When Mrs. Webster retires she plans to stay at Warren by volunteering around the school by helping out with behind the scenes. Mrs. Webster is upset about having to retire, but at the same time she is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to teach for 31 years. All in all, Mrs. Webster is an amazing teacher and she will miss teaching her wonderful students.