School Spirit for Homecoming!

Jaden Cohn

Last week, Warren Township Highschool celebrated the countdown to the highly anticipated, homecoming dance. This year’s theme was “A Night in Hollywood ”, and representatives from different clubs gathered together to decorate the school with posters, flyers, paintings each with their own unique touch from the club. Created by the Student Council, the word “OSCAR” was chosen to be the deciding factor on what the theme would be that day. Each day provided the opportunity to express their creativity with something different everyday. 


O- Old Town Road- Students dressed up in their best western gear with hats, boots, jeans and anything in between. 

S– Stay afloat- Students wore their favorite beach outfit, and soak up a day in the sun.

C– Classic decades- students dressed up as their favorite movie character or genre from an older decade

A– Anything but a Backpack day- this highly anticipated day allowed for students to be creative and put their supplies in anything they could come up with as long as it followed the school guidelines. 

R– Rep the Blue Devils- Students wore their blue and gold to REPresent their Blue Devils and show off their school pride.



Students definitely went all out at the start of the week, wearing anything from flannels to cowboy hats. In addition to the different themes, students were invited to attend the Girl’s Powder puff game on Tuesday, pep rally on Wednesday, and Homecoming Football game on Friday. Each of these events were a great way for students to be active and participate in their school spirit. This definitely helped get students into the feel of getting ready for the big dance, and it allowed for students to show off their Warren Pride!