Senior Reflection – Taylor Simmons


Taylor Simmons, Staff Writer

I have so much to say about my high school experience; it can’t be narrowed down to a few paragraphs but I’ll do my best. Like the last few graduating classes covid impacted my high school career, but it was very memorable regardless. I’m proud that I was able to persevere academically, socially, and with my extra-curriculars. I went through so many personal struggles and achievements that made me come out stronger in the end so I can appreciate that and stay optimistic for the future. 

Throughout my four – well 3.5 years at Warren I joined so many clubs and met so many amazing people, especially teachers and administrators that brightened my day and gave me so many opportunities to better myself as a leader and student. I have many awards, achievements, and arbitrary numbers that speak to my success, but the memories, connections, and words of encouragement from adults and peers have meant the most to me during my time here so for that I thank you. 

I will admit I have suffered from some burnout given the pandemic and just life as a teenager in general and that was a factor in me graduating early, and the last few months have been bittersweet. However, being able to sleep in until 10 while my friends fingers were frozen from the cold in the morning or strained from typing papers definitely gave me reassurance that I made the right decision.

I’m excited to announce that I will be attending the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in the fall double majoring in History and Secondary Education. When I become a teacher, my goal in life is to impact students the way I have been, while continuing my life passion of learning, helping others, and being the best I can be. 


My advice for future and current warren students:

JOIN CLUBS! I cannot stress this enough, you will make the best memories and Warren has so many clubs that you will definitely find your niche. Be a leader inside the class and out.

Don’t go AP Crazy! I took a number of AP/Honor classes and while it is worth it you have to maintain a balance for your mental health. There is more to life than a 4 or 5 on a test – it does not prove your worth. You won’t remember a majority of the content, but you will remember missing out and suffering because you were so stressed.

Befriend your teachers! I have made amazing connections with members of the staff from the classroom and my activities outside of school. They are here to help you!

Relax! The time goes by fast, enjoy it. Go to that dance, talk to that person, join that club, try out for that sport, go to that game, and dress up for that spirit day because before you know it you’ll be walking across the stage and writing a senior reflection like me. 

Thank you Warren, 

Taylor Simmons