Seniors are Reminiscing Their Years at Warren


Taiz Jimenez, Contributor to Scratch Paper

With the new school year rolling around the teachers at Warren are thrilled to welcome the blue devils back! The seniors are finishing up their last year being a blue devil, and they are soaking every last bit. Here is how the first week of school for a few seniors looked like.

Delany Macias, a current senior at Warren Township High School, had a significantly different first week of school. Not as traditional as the other students at Warren. Delany was not present for the first couple days of school. She was asked to reflect on how her first week went and said the following, “I felt comfortable going back to an environment where I feel welcomed and respected.” Showing respect is definitely a priority for Warren. Delany mentioned how going back to school this year felt bittersweet. She thought back to her past three years of high school and is reminiscing about everything she has gone through at Warren. Macias said she was going to make her last time at Warren the best yet.

Bryan Acevedo, senior at WTHS, was asked how he showed respect on his first week back at school. Here is what he said, “I walked into the building with a smile on my face and said good morning to the adults I came across with in the hallway.” He also mentioned how this year the first day of school felt different. Like all the other seniors, Bryan had his last first day of high school. Bryan remembers walking through the doors at the O’Plaine campus and how he thought high school would last forever, now he is applying to college and wrapping up his last year being a blue devil.

An amazing teacher at the campus, Mrs. Otterson, who teaches English III, Honors English, and Communications has a busy schedule this year, but that is not stopping her from keeping her students entertained and engaged. When asked how she plans to keep her students engaged she said, “Lesson Design, Colorful Slide Shows and Dynamic Delivery seems to have been a winning strategy for the past 21 years.”

It seems that Mrs. Otterson has a strategy that keeps her students engaged and entertained. In regards to the first week of school she mentioned that it was filled with excitement. Mrs. Otterson always has a smile on her face and is ready to teach everyday. Mrs. Otterson was also asked how she felt going back to a semi normal school year she mentioned the following, “This year has been a total change. The students are kind, eager, understanding, and ready for action. I am so thankful to be blessed with my current classes. While it is not totally ‘normal’, it seems like our demeanor is kinder and gentler than years past.” Mrs. Otterson seems to be more than happy with the students she is teaching this year, and that is the attitude the students need to feel welcomed in their classes.

Appears that the first week back to school was a success. Not only for the students, but for the staff as well. The first week can always be stressful and nerve wracking as well. New classes and classmates can cause anxiety to some students, so at Warren there are always adults one can speak with. Coming back from summer break and having to adjust to a new schedule can be difficult, but the blue devils did a marvelous job. Let’s have a great school year, and as always, GO BLUE DEVILS!