Six Flags Great America Fright Fest!


Rachel Kendziora

Courtesy of Rachel Kendziora

Avery Ocampo, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! The month for ghouls and ghosts to make their yearly appearance around every corner and home in the US, but one place in the Midwest in particular has taken it to the next level in terms of new frights and screams! That place is Six Flags Great America, in Gurnee, IL originally named Marriott’s Great America when it Opened on May 29th, 1976, the park had introduced Fright Fest in 1991 with many shows including the popular “Love at First Fright”

Fright Fest has been a thrilling addition to the park ever since it’s debut guests have enjoyed both screams and chills while enjoying thrills by day and fright by night. Popular attractions at the park include “Terror Twister a turn for the worst” formerly known as Chubasco and Ricoslay well-known as Ricochet.

The haunted houses at the park include Manslaughter Manor, Condemned, Big Top Terror, and 13th Order, Rachel Kendziora, Communications Specialist for Six Flags Great America

Spoke with me about this annual spooktacular event!

New this season, the park introduced Kids Boo Fest which is an all-new Kid friendly event for kids during the daytime and allows families and their little ones to enjoy thrills by day

This year, we actually introduced Kids Boo Fest, which was our daytime family, family-friendly fall event every day before fright fest starts.” Kendziora stated

Fright Fest has been going on for 31 years since it was introduced in 1991. Each and every season there is always something new and exciting for guests to enjoy!

2022 was our 31st year of fright fest. So, 31 seasons ago, is when fright fest actually started and so, it’s kind of crazy to think that for that long, we’ve been hosting fright fest, but has evolved so much over the years, I’m sure when fright Fest first started 31 years ago, it was a much different and much simpler event than it is. I think we have so many components of fright fest. We had 6 houses this year. Nine scare zones, the whole list of monster-tainment shows. So, I think what Fright Fest was 31 years ago has really evolved into the spectacular event. It is today” Kendziora said 

Each and every season the park always has something new to offer, from shows, to food, to merchandise! When asked about the preparation for Fright Fest Rachel stated that

a lot of our fright fest preparation is done nearing the end of the summer. So, a lot of our prep may happen a lot behind the scenes, but also a lot of it is on stage that maybe guests just don’t even notice. Yet we start stringing lights, hanging decor well, before the park even closes, but it’s not as evident to the guests. eye, as you think it is. So, we start prepping a lot more in advance.”

Rachel who is the Communications Specialist at Six Flags Great America went in depth to what her job entails especially, during the Fright Fest season.

“So, a lot of what I do is more behind the scenes work. I help sell the idea of fright fest to our guests here. Our guests that come to the park. Guests that maybe have even been to the park once or twice and guess who may not even know that the park exists. So, I’m part of my job is, letting people know what fright fest is. What Six Flags, Great America is what our park is about, who we are, and what our product is and what fright fest is, and that’s something I really enjoy doing because as excited as I personally get about fright fest, I try to get others. Also excited about fright fest too. So that’s a lot of what my role is here. At the park.”

Guests every time they visit Six Flags Great America, always look forward to the rides, shows, waterpark and more!

But when the fall arrives, the ghouls and ghosts come out!

You can visit Six Flags Fright Fest for the 2023 season in the fall and get a kick of what the park has in store!