Someone You Should Know: Maurice Edwards


Senior Running Back Maurice Edwards is in his final season before heading off to Vanderbilt next season

Brandon Schwartz, Contributor to Scratch Paper

Warren Township High School has had major success in their football program over the last few years. Their football team has been known for its great defense and coaching, and of course, their strong playoff showings– coming 2nd in the State in 2018-2019. Recently, their offense has been putting on a show for the students, fans, and families that come to watch them on Friday nights. With the pandemic shutting things down in 2020, the fall 2020 football season got pushed back to the spring of 2021. The spring of 2021 is where some new faces on the Warren football team introduced themselves. One was running back Maurice Edwards, who transferred to Warren from Grayslake Central High School in the middle of his Junior year. Although his family moved o that they could live in a bigger house, he said that “getting to play good football with harder competition” was a bonus. This goes to show Edwards’ competitive nature and commitment to his goals of playing football at the next level. Moving schools is tough for any kid, but it’s even harder for athletes, as the bond between teammates often go out of the locker room. “I learned that I am independent, and I am fine doing new things by myself that my peers haven’t done before”. By this he means, leaving friends from school behind and making new ones himself. Edwards was also asked how does it feel being a senior, older than all of the other classes in school, and how have his teammates helped him achieve his goals and continue to work harder. He answered with, “My teammates help me work harder and hold myself accountable, as well as being held accountable by the team and to the team’s standard.” He added, “Being older doesn’t feel different to me.”

Did I mention that Edwards is a D1 SEC Commit? Even though he committed in January, his goals haven’t changed. During the off-season, Edwards continued to “workout [so he would be] able to attend Vanderbilt”. He didn’t let his future distract from Blue Devil Football, however. Edwards led the team in rushing yards (1380!!), averaging an astounding 153 yards per game this year. His coaches love him too. Coach Van Schaick, the defensive coordinator added, “Edwards helps give us momentum we need to get big stops on defense and take over in close football games against tough opponents. Coach McNulty also added that Maurice is a great role model for other players on the team because he plays hard, does things right and doesn’t trash talk against the other team.

Maurice Edwards is a senior at Warren Township High School, preparing to graduate in 2022. He is a very fast and powerful running back who is able to make moves in the open field, run over and through defenders, and also outrun them. This gives him the opportunity to carry on the tradition of great Warren running backs. He is in the conversation for one of the best if not the best running back Warren has ever seen. His talents and hard work in football have provided him the chance he needs to keep playing competitive football past high school and maybe give him a chance to one day, play in the pros.