Song of the Day: MIC Drop


Myrah Rafiah Beverly, Staff Writer

BTS (Korean: 방탄소년단) is one of the most popular and international KPOP (short for Korean pop) groups in the right now. Their hip-hop inspired song, MIC Drop, is not a released single from their recent EP, Love Yourself: Her, however, it has international recognition. It attacks jealous and venomous haters of their group and showcases their immense success despite being Korean idols from a small recording agency.  What gives the song personality are the biting, self-composed raps from the three rappers: Suga, RM, and J-Hope. Each stylistic verse showcases their creativity, and choices of switching between English and Korean gives that into the gives the songs an addicting feel. Their success is clear: having the highest KPOP album ranking on the Billboard 200, selling millions of records (1.2 million just from their most recent album), and the first KPOP group to win a Billboard Music Award.

On November 24th, they revealed their combined trap and EDM remix with the DJ Steve Aoki featuring rapper, Desiigner, receiving over 15 million views on YouTube upon release.  They’ve performed MIC Drop this month while guest starring on Ellen, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! This should further extend their global presence more of the lyrics are in English.

Although their songs are in Korean with small phrases of English, music is an international language, so you should give it a listen!