Staying Involved during E-Learning

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Ifra Waris

It’s officially been over a month since we started this unconventional school year, and most of us have started to adjust to e-learning. Spending over five hours on a screen each day with limited breaks is nothing close to the normal we knew before this pandemic. With no return to pre-Covid times in the foreseeable future, the uncertainty can definitely be overwhelming. 

With the newfound anxiety from this pandemic coupled with the endless hours staring at our screens each day, the thought of extracurricular activities is not seemingly welcome. However, just like everything else, these clubs and sports are also beginning to adjust to our circumstances and make the most of what is available.

For example, Future Business Leaders of America, a student led career and technical based organization at Warren, is still holding monthly general meetings, but on Google Meets. The usual chapter social and volunteer events have been replaced with virtual movie nights and supply drives. On Sunday September 13th, FBLA held a supply drive to collect toiletries, mops, and other necessities to donate to the Lake County Haven and Warren Township Food Pantry. The drive was very successful and helped out the community greatly. Last Friday, FBLA also enjoyed watching Black Panther through Google Meets as a virtual social event.

Similarly, the National Honor Society had a food drive at the Almond Campus for members to drop off any items that the Warren Township Food Pantry was in need of. Although traditional events cannot take place as of now, the organization is making the most of what they can do and is planning a river clean up for the future as well. Spanish National Honor Society also conducted some introductory meetings this month for new and returning members and is looking into having some methods of tutoring or volunteering as well. 

Black Student Union held a Voter Registration Drive this Saturday at Viking Park which featured performances by the band “Ax and the Hatchetmen” and notable guest speakers. Elected officials were also present and overall, the event was a huge success!

Another example is Warren’s Red Cross club. Officer Ishan Patel says that beyond Google meetings, which have been very successful, they are planning on sending thank you notes to essential healthcare workers. If it will be possible, Red Cross is also planning volunteer opportunities for around Thanksgiving. 

Despite Homecoming not taking place this year, the Student Council has planned a homecoming parade for October 4th in order to boost school morale and spirit. The theme for this year is “There’s No Place Like Home” and there is strong emphasis on maintaining social distancing. Cars can be decorated and members from participating clubs or organizations will be able to walk in the parade!

Still think there’s no way for you to be involved? Whether it’s through virtual meetings or socially distanced outdoor events, most extracurricular activities are still in session and doing what they can to accommodate and allow students to remain involved. Additionally, sometime mid-October there will be a virtual Activity Fair for current freshmen featuring all of the clubs and organizations at Warren. There are so many ways to get involved so make sure to check the announcements for upcoming meetings and also check your email for any other info!