Entertainment is what brings us joy and laughter


Rajief James (RJ), Staff Writer

A moment of truth and a time to be yourself. SuperShow is an eccentric Warren event. This show features students expressing themselves and living their truth, as well as diverse cultural representation. 

Some of the performers told us what it meant for them to be up there on stage performing.

From our IC host. What is SuperShow about? 

Actor 1- “ It’s about culture performance, talent, and just having fun.”

From our performers. How do you feel about performing?

Actor 1- “ I’m excited to do some great singing tonight.”

Actor 2- “ This is a moment where I’m living in my truth.’’

Actor 3 – “I want to perform for a living and this is a gateway to that.”

Actor 4- “ This is a really exciting moment for me…I’m nervous… but I’ll be fine.”

The words from our performers pale in comparison to their acts.  

On the evening of January 27, 2023, Warren held its annual SuperShow event, featuring student performers of all age groups ranging from freshmen to seniors. The house was packed and performers were set. The courage the performers displayed and the performances they conducted left the audience feeling nothing but amazed! The performances were beyond extravagant. 

These acts ranged from group performances to duos to single-handed solos, strong and humorous and everything in-between. These acts were anything but the standard dull. Each performance had its own meaning and left an emotional impact on the audience. Onlookers participated by waving their phones around with the flash on, providing each performance with spectacular applause, and singing along with the performers. 

It’s safe to say SuperShow was a hit amongst the audience.   

But…what exactly is SuperShow?

Supershow is an event funded by Warren’s very own International club, whose purpose is to expand knowledge of different cultures within the Warren community. The performances of Supershow feature various cultural representations, bringing light and exposure to different cultures. 

While it’s important to acknowledge these different cultures, SuperShow is also a space for students to show off their talents and different skills. 

Furthermore, SuperShow isn’t just a Warren event. All proceeds gained from ticket purchases were funded to charity groups. 

The International Club went all out to express how they feel and show their support for different cultures and communities. Won’t you join us for next year’s performance? I guarantee you will be speechless.