Teacher Interview – 2nd Semester Bathroom Rules


An image from University of Wisconsin Madison Division for Teaching and Learning Website Page

Taylor Simmons and Brianna Flaschner

The 1st semester was incredibly challenging for students after virtual learning for nearly 18 months. Masks, social distancing, restricted activities, and just the fear of contracting Covid-19 made school very difficult. Unfortunately, time away from school is time not socializing and because of this, there were several instances of drama and violence when students returned to campus. Due to this, the school had to implement bathroom rules in an effort to reduce the problems and start the 2nd semester on a positive note. Many students voiced their opinions, but teachers are often overlooked during situations like these. I interviewed one teacher to see what they thought about the recent change.

Do you think that taking phones from students prior to bathroom breaks is fair?

  1. “I believe it is fair because we shouldn’t have phones in the bathroom for security purposes. It’s pretty fair for them to ask to leave it. I think teachers are allowed to limit the amount but it doesn’t need to be a very strict bathroom policy. I don’t believe in that but it’s up to the teachers, you all are juniors and seniors so you need to learn if you go to the bathroom then you miss learning.”

Is the school doing enough to prevent fights?

  1. “Fights always happen in high school. I think since we’ve been out of school everyone has been trying to adjust – crazy things are going to happen. You are teens going through things, fights are gonna happen and as a school, we wanna keep everyone as safe as possible but it’s not something we can totally prevent.”

Do you think social media has contributed to or made issues worse?

  1. “I don’t see or follow any social media kids. I think social media can be dangerous whether something is or is not a threat. I don’t think social media was huge when I was in high school. Everyone can see one person’s post in the past and that’s scary, back a while ago twitter just opened up and barely anyone used it. I don’t engage in drama.”

Do you think that bathroom limitations are fair?

  1. “I think we need a policy and need to take some freedom’s away because it got to the point where there are a lot of people in the hallways not being watched or supervised. When I’m teaching I see students walking up and down the hallways and it’s distracting. School is supposed to be a safe environment for students. We are just trying to keep you as safe as possible. The bathrooms have caused a lot of trouble like devising plans and meeting up and planning/talking.”

Do you feel safe at school?

  1. “I feel very safe. The safest place is in the classroom.”

How has teaching changed from virtual to in-person – do you still enjoy teaching?

  1. We had to adjust and operations had to adjust. Late turn-ins and tardies. It’s made me a more relaxed teacher because I know everyone is going through different changes, kids are always going through something. We have to respect the fact they are always going through things that they may not show or talk about. Things happen in schools, we have gone through crazy times but in life, there is always something that is gonna come up and I enjoy teaching. I try to be as positive as I can despite everything going on.”

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