The Downsides of AI Technology On Creativity


Shannon Pharr, Staff Writer

Artificial technology is becoming more advanced, and as it continues to evolve, it’s replacing creativity with pre-fed data. Since it retrieves existing data of art that has already been created, nothing AI ever creates is entirely original. In the classroom, teachers are concerned as students are now more likely to use artificial technology to write essays and create artwork. This is causing plagiarism and copyright legal issues. The creators of AI clearly haven’t thought of the impact of such technology on young minds because, as shown with other innovations, it is often developed for the sole purpose of monetary gain.

AI is capable of automated reasoning, which means it produces images automatically and with logic. This explains how artificial technology can create incredible artwork and enlightening essays at the touch of a button. However, as much as AI technology is innovative, its actions are predictable. Thus, artificial technology lacks creativity. Why? Because AI was programmed to absorb information in a specific way to fulfill the wants of the command. Since it was configured to never contradict its instructions, it therefore can’t think outside of the box. More importantly, it can’t make something with true artistic qualities.

Creativity is “finding new solutions to problems that others may not have considered.”

Creativity is something AI doesn’t have because it lacks the conscience to understand different perspectives and personalities in the making. So why should we trust something that has no genuine talent to perform all these tasks in the first place?

AI is taking away from the human element because it’s making people dependent on the platform. With over-reliance of AI technology, musicians, writers, and painters may lose their jobs. AI technology, and the production of art, will evolve to become so advanced that people in these professions may no longer be needed. Makers of art might also become apathetic, feeling that their contribution might not make a difference. People in general won’t have the chance to truly persevere because they will have all the help at their fingertips. And that’s why it’s important to realize that creativity isn’t defined by the product of a website, it’s the unique expression of feelings with value that can never be replaced.


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