The Morning at the Gages Lake Centennial

Priyal Patel, Scratch Paper - Staff Member

Last Saturday, on September 3rd, residents of the Gages Lake area celebrated the 100th anniversary since the founding of the Allen Farm, Idlewild, and Dady and Decker subdivisions on Old Gages Lake Road. 

Although there were a lot of bumps in setting up the street and complications with finding where vendors were supposed to go, everything started to smooth out for the volunteers and organizers running the event.

The streets were filled with vendors eager to show off and sell their products. Vendors paid to get a spot to set up and sell at the event. Small local businesses from near and far displayed their unique products ranging from handmade jewelry to gourmet dog treats to wooden squirrel houses. 

The morning parade consisted of vintage cars and sponsors supporting the event throwing candy anywhere and everywhere. One group in the parade that especially stole the show was a local BMX group performing tricks all the way down Old Gages Lake Road. 

After the parade was completed, the museum at the end of the road opened up and visitors came flooding in to see the unique history of the area. The museum was filled with photographs and old treasures. Visitors were encouraged to read about the events leading up to the founding of the area, beginning with the history of the indigenous people who were native to the land before settlers came in. There was also a silent auction held in the museum for old aerial shots of the area and small wooden pedal cars. 

Organizers for the event had started planning well into the pandemic and would come together every month to finalize details and relay information. After the immense amount of hard-work, they were able to see what they planned come into fruition.