The Secret of the Live Arts Festival 2017

Victoria Wagner

Did you miss this year’s Live Arts Festival? If you did, that is a shame. There is a Live Arts Festival almost every year. There are all types of arts involved: choirs singing, parts of plays shown and sung, guard performing their act, the Jazz band performing their music, painting portraits, henna tattoos, face painting and ceramic projects. There were many types of arts you can involve yourself in and take part of. Also many people were involved: the Mayor of Gurnee, the deans of the high school and also many teachers from the high school and also Middle School kids and teachers. Everyone contributed in all types of activities. “I have been attending the Live Arts Festival for three years now, and I would not have missed them for the world.” – Frances Nagac. Also many arts were shown off, paintings and photography, and much more. For those projects that the students from all over contributed, the Mayor and other officials gave out awards for the best art and the best singing, acting and musical performances. If you did not attend this year’s Arts Festival, you should really go next year and find out yourself how it can be life changing and you will have the chance to admire all the art some of your fellow people made and you can listen and hear all the beautiful musics the band will create and the calm soothing sounds of the choir singing. “It was my first year attending and I had a blast for my first time around. I should have gone to the festivals before. My senior year I am definitely coming and I might even volunteer for some of the activities that were there.” -Maddie Prude.