Thread and Needle

Lauren Kim, Staff Writer

“You keep opening up your scars with jokes and laughter, telling people your most hurtful memories, the past you want to forget, sooner or later tearing the delicate and healing threads with false cheer. You joke about your scars and unconsciously cause them to re-open, making you feel that unforgettable pain over and over and over…”

“Clumsily, you try to mend those open scars again, but the thread has already been ripped to shreds. You have no experience, no knowledge on how to close that scar, and now such wound has become a hassle, something that can no longer be closed up by yourself.”

“Let me heal them for you. While I may lack experience, though I am as young as you are, also as old as you are, let my heal you. I am quite skillful with a thread and a needle, after all.”