Todos a Una

South Forsyth High

South Forsyth High

Riley Doyle, Staff Writer

On Monday, October 23rd, the year’s first general meeting for members of the Spanish National Honor Society was led by the organization’s new sponsor, Doctora Gustafson.  Eager to hear about the innovative plans for the school year and route for “la Sociedad,” a substantial number of Spanish learning and speaking juniors and seniors filled the room.  With ideas about future activities and fundraising opportunities ready to be shared, the pure innovation from the society members offered a refreshing look into the future of SNHS.  

Huge thanks go out to all of the hardworking administrators and teachers alike that played a crucial role in supporting the cause of Spanish National Honor Society.  The society owes all of the Warren Township High School community members that responded to the call of duty.  We are so grateful to have such an incredibly understanding and supportive group of educational instructors, furthering our endeavors into the Spanish language and culture.  We can attribute the great start to the SNHS chapter to the aid of these indispensable administrators and teachers.

The start of a fruitful and fun year for SNHS has only just begun.  With corroboration between Spanish Club and SNHS, both entertaining and intellectually stimulating activities are to come in the near future.  As the SNHS nationwide mantra says,”Todos a una,” the WTHS chapter has already lived up to its community-centered ideals through the gratefully appreciated help of administrators and teachers.