Turnabout 2020 – ICED OUT

Turnabout 2020 - ICED OUT

Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer

Turnabout is the smallest dance that the school holds by far. With mainly only Junior and Seniors attending there is not much of a big turn out. There are many reasons for this, such as the reason why they call it turnabout: the girls ask the boys to the dance. This discourages many of the friend groups to come and join the dance seeing as the whole premise of the dance is that it is for couples. One suggestion would be ff they changed the name to a different title that still encouraged the girls to ask their ‘lover’ to turnabout, but also make it feel like the friend groups would not be jealous of the couples there, then there would be a bigger turn-out at the dance.

Student council puts on the dance and all things considering they do a great job with the decorations, theme and the event itself!

Many schools in the area are now starting to get rid of the dance completely, because they are not making enough money to sponsor the event or pay for  the DJ or decorations.  The students that take their time and energy to put on the dance work hard to make it a fun evening for all who attend.  Another reason to consider that this dance in the future may not exist is that many people do not stay for the duration of the dance.  Instead they leave and head somewhere else for the remainder of curfew.  Hopefully something can change down the road to entice more people to attend and stay at this event.  For those students that did attend they all had a good time!