Warren Reads

Kate Hassemer, Staff Writer

It’s book o’clock at Warren, everyone!

About 9 years ago, Warren started a book club called Warren Reads. Warren Reads is a student-run club, so the students run the discussions and help pick out future books. When this club was started, Dr. Brierton was the principal, who was a passionate book lover and supported Ms. Hunter and Mrs. Zarnstorff. As I was talking to Mrs. Zarnstorff, she told me “Ms. Hunter is the only Reading Specialist at the O’Plaine campus, so she was a key leader in the formation of the club.” In addition to Dr. Brierton’s support, Ms. Gehrig, the Assistant Superintendent was instrumental in the formation of Warren Reads. Dr. Brierton helped create the club, while Ms. Gehrig helped Ms. Hunter and Mrs. Zarnstorff receive Title I Funding for their program, which helps pay for the books. This is a great benefit for all those booklovers out there; the student isn’t financially responsible for the books. Now, Ms. Ganshirt is partnered with Ms. Hunter in supporting the club.

The club is full of amazing books and discussions! Book club meets on a Wednesday once a month to talk about the book assigned for that month. The pictures reflect the lively discussions between students while Ms. Hunter and Ms. Ganshirt listen to what they think of the book, as well as a bookmark listing all the books we will be reading this year. If you are the type of student at Warren who loves reading books, this is the club for you! It is free and Book Club is always open to new members. Think about joining soon so you don’t miss out on reading an exciting book every month, an open discussion about the book, and of course snacks. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Be awesome! Be a BOOK nut!”