Warren Theatre Presents: “All Shook Up!”

Jaden Cohn, Staff Writer

Do you want to take a trip down memory lane, and listen to some of the classics written by the great Elvis Presley? Well, “C’mon Everybody” down to the O’Plaine Auditorium on March 18th and 19th to see Warren Theatre present this year’s musical: “All Shook Up!” 

The cast and crews of this show have worked exceptionally hard to put together this show! As always, the beautiful thing about Warren Productions is that they are mainly all student-led with them building sets, creating costumes, and putting together lighting and sound scores. 

We all know that Elvis was considered to be the king of Rock and Roll, but what made him such an icon? Was it the snazzy way he dressed? Was it the smooth and creative lyrics in the songs? Or was it just because of the way he was just so different? One thing for sure, whenever you say the name “Elvis” you either think of his famous music or his unique dance moves. Though this has definitely been one of the most challenging dance-heavy shows to learn, this relentless cast has worked so hard to get it to perfection! 

One of the biggest differences between this year’s show and last year’s show of “The Addams Family” is, of course, COVID-19. There were a lot of differences and protocols that had to be followed such as mask mandates, social distancing, and limited in-person viewing with the majority of the viewings being via a Zoom Livestream. I was able to talk with Seniors, and dance captains for this show, Annie Serdar and Cassidy Linna, about some of the changes between this show and last year’s show.

“I’m excited to just be back to dance on stage and in front of an audience again” Linna stated happily. “It’s a great way to get people back into the theater, and it feels so good to be back,” Serdar added. I was also able to sit down and chat with Junior, Kai Panagiotopoulos, who is one of the main leads in this show, to talk about some additional information about how this year compared to the previous one. They said there were only 8 ensemble members together with 9 principal roles to make up only 17 spots. This year, however, Warren has doubled that to accommodate 16 ensemble roles, along with 9 principal roles to create a total cast of 25 members! Warren has also invested in higher-quality microphones to ensure that those amazing Elvis songs will be in your head all night long! 

I’ve roped you in, you’re interested. But how can you see the show?

This show will have a few great options of how to see it. Firstly, since we are back in person, buy a ticket and come out to the O’Plaine Auditorium! In-person shows will have reserved seating, so first come, first serve. If that doesn’t work, we’ve got the solution for you! One word: Livestream. Yes, there will still be a Livestream link for you to enjoy the show! This is great because you let all of your friends and family out of town that can watch as well! 

  • Opening night will be March 18th, @7:00pm 
  • The matinee will be March 19th, @2:00pm
  • Closing night will be March 19th, @7:00pm
  • Just click the blue link of the night you want to see and order your tickets!
  • So C’mon Everybody, go see the show because you do not want to miss it! I promise you, it will be the best “One Night” of your life, and you’ll be on your feet dancing to Elvis before you know it!


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Some behind the scenes photos by Jamille Binuya