Warren Theatre Presents: The Holiday Christmas Movie Wonderthon!

Jaden Cohn and Daniel Michalec, Staff Writers

Want to get a good laugh in before the holiday season, and take some of the stress of the upcoming “cumulative assessments?” Then you should come on down to see this year’s production of Dinner Theatre: The Holiday Christmas Movie Wonderthon!

This is not your ordinary Christmas play, it’s a big comedic performance that is basically making fun of all of the other Hallmark Christmas films. Another crazy fact about this play is the cast and crew only had a remarkable 3 weeks to put together the perfect show!

On top of that, the cast only really had 10 days of rehearsals with tech week being the same week as the performances. Talk about crunch time!  The cast and crew, built up of about 88 members, have worked extremely hard these last stressful 3 weeks to make sure every light fixture, sound bar, Christmas tree, and ornaments are put into place and set ready for the show. The cast and crew should be extremely proud of their hard work! 

Daniel and I were able to sit down with Janice Zimmerman, the director of the show, to talk about her thoughts on the production. In the interview, when asked why she chose the theme of this year’s play, she states, “The past 18 months have been very hard for sure, and this is the first year Dinner Theatre is so late in the year, I wanted to do something holiday themed.” We were also able to talk with Seniors Lucas Pitt and Annie Serdar, who are both actors, about their initial thoughts about the play. “Stressful, the beginning is about half the time compared to the time we had for Night of The Living Dead, but going good” exclaimed Lucas. “It’s been awesome,” Annie said with excitement, “it has definitely been a quick turnaround since we’ve only had 10 days of rehearsals, but it’s been a lot of fun” she added. 

As you can probably tell, the hype for this show is to its max! The cast and crew definitely want to prove they can put together a full blow show in under a month! With that being said, December 3rd and 4th, in the Almond Black Box will be the production! Dinner will be served at 6pm and the show will follow at 7pm! So go online now, buy your tickets, come out to eat some amazing food, and watch your Blue Devils take over the stage!


Dinner only- $10 

Dinner and show- $15 

($5 off when you use your school ID as the promo code) :)


A big thank you to Annie, Lucas, and Ms. Zimmerman for taking time out of their day to help in the interviews!!

Don’t forget to check out Daniel’s awesome video!!