Warren Theatre’s Production of Julius Caesar – Coming Soon!

Jaden Cohn, Scratch Paper - Staff Member

Warren Theatre is back and better than ever!

It’s that time of year again when Warren Theatre is getting ready to put on their production, of the hit Shakespeare Play, “Julius Caesar”. During the summer, the director for this show, Mr. Miller, posted some hints on the Instagram page for the students to try and guess what the play would be. The first clue was it is a Shakespeare play. Since it is a Shakespeare play, this will provide the actors and crews with new challenges they have to face.

To begin with, I was also able to talk with Senior, Charlie Plumhoff, who plays Julius Caesar about his thoughts on the production. For some background information, Charlie had Covid during the audition process, so he had to submit his video online. “I was very surprised when I got the role because there are so many talented actors in our cast who are suited for the role” he expressed. Plumhoff also mentioned that there is only about a month of rehearsal time between the first day of rehearsals to opening night. This will require the actors full force as they only have limited time to put the show together.

In addition, I got a chance to talk with Freshman, Anya Polankski, and Sophomore, Lucas Roman-Ahlgrim, who work in front of the house, about what they will be doing to contribute to the play. “We have a set plan of putting together different declarations, as well as creating a webpage to mark for setting tickets” Polanski stated. “We are excited to see how the production unfolds, and see how all of the hard work pays off,” Roman-Ahlgrim added. 

Furthermore, Brittany Shepard, and Violet Harrison, both Seniors and the Stage managers for this show, provided some of their thoughts on the show. “We are excited for theatre to be back, and this show will give us a challenge with the limited time we have. Basically everyone during their sophomore year was required to read Julius Caesar, and it will be great to bring this story to life. Harrison mentioned. “Julius Caesar is a really fun show to be apart from, and it will indeed push everyone to stay focused throughout the process in order for a great outcome to be produced”, Shepard justified.

After chatting with all of these individuals, it is safe to conclude that both the cast and crews for this show have worked extremely hard, and will continue to work even harder as we get near opening night. Speaking of which, the curtains are set to open on September 29th- until October 1st. Ticket information will be coming soon.

We hope to see all of you there to witness the tragedy of Julius Caesar!