Warren’s Pride Club

Avery Ocampo, Staff Writer

Are you or anyone you know are part of, or support the LGBTQIA community?

Well, you’re in luck because Warren Township High School has a club just for you!

They meet every other Thursday at the O’Plaine campus faculty cafeteria from 3:15 to 4:15 pm, they have tons of activities to do from discussions and watch parties and, Of course, snacks are available too!

O’Plaine counsellor Ms Lidskin has been the sponsor for the Pride club for 7 years.

I spoke with her about the club and how it  got started  “How many years has Warren been having Pride Club as a school club?”

Ms Lidskin: “I started the Pride Club 7 years ago when a student on my caseload asked me if Warren had this type of club.  At that time we did not and I felt it was important for students to have a safe place and be supported at Warren.”

When asked about what message the club was trying to send to WTHS Students and faculty; Ms Lidskin stated that they were not necessarily trying to send a message but adding “it is important that LGBTQ+ students and allies feel safe and welcome at Warren.”

“This is one reason I purchased the safe space stickers for Warren staff to display in their office or classroom.” Ms Lidskin added.

I attended a Pride Club meeting last Thursday, and the group members are amazing! everyone is really sweet and accepting of others, which is the goal of the club as a whole! I spoke with group member Jay S. about his experience attending Pride Club and what were his first initial thoughts of the club.

“What made you want to attend Pride Club and, what were your thoughts on your first visit to the club?’

“Honestly, before I went to the club. I thought it was going to be just like them talking about how Gay or Lesbian people are. But when I went in… I was like wow! we can actually conversate with each other and, talk about other things.

Jay acknowledged how students in the club are brave and talk about their stories and struggles about being a part of the community with the view that many people see LGBTQIA people.