Was This Year’s Turnabout Dance a Success?


Shannon Pharr, Staff Writer

On February 18th, Freshmen to Seniors arrived at the Almond campus for an exciting night full of friends, music, and dancing. As 70’s retro glasses were handed out, students entered the Almond cafeteria for a disco-themed dance. Though we’ve seen better turnouts in past events like Homecoming, those who showed up for the dance consisted of students from all grades. Additionally, most people agreed that the DJ played a good variety of music.

Student Council decorated for the dance with a gold and black color scheme. This was the backdrop students saw as they entered through the Almond campus doors.
“It was good, but there was not a lot for people.” – Anonymous Sophomore

At the Almond campus, the dance was held in the cafeteria and the concessions stand area. That’s where Patti Volpert, respected concessions stand worker and head of the Warren Athletics Booster Program, provided commentary:

“I thought it was a fun night. I was busy the entire time. It is mostly drinks, candy and nachos that are sold. We actually made the most money we have ever made at a Turnabout dance. It was double what it normally is.
The music was good, but not as good a DJ as in the past. From my perspective, I love working that dance each year because I get to see everyone at their best. They are all decked out for the dance, including the guys, so it is very enjoyable. I was sad to see that not as many were dancing as in the past, before COVID took the dance away for a few years. It was fun to be back in the cafeteria for this year’s dance. I think there could have been more decorations, but I know that the Student Council goes all out decorating for homecoming and tones it down a little for this dance.
You know me and being the eternal optimist and always finding the good in everything we do at Warren. I would give this dance an 8. I am giving it that, only because there weren’t as many decorations as I would like to have seen and I did not see as many kids dancing as in the past. I was also surprised that the dance ended at 9 instead of 9:30, again, like in the past.
Everyone did seem to be having a great time while they were there. All in all, I believe it was a success.”