Westminster Attack: What You Need To Know

Alexine Siwy, Contributor

As 650 British Parliament members proposed new and reformed old laws, panic broke out. A man, later identified as Khalid Masood, mercilessly drove into pedestrians up to 76 miles per hour along the Westminster Bridge, injuring about 50. A few moments later, he thrusted his knife into a nearby unarmed police officer, PC Keith Palmer, who later died in the hospital. Another policeman rushed toward the attack in just a matter of seconds and shot Masood. Although they attempted to resuscitate him, he died at the scene. In a span of 82 seconds, six people were killed.

The United Kingdom has experienced substantial terrorism before; consequently, its threat level for terrorism is listed as “severe.” Although Masood, a Briton, did not directly pledge to any group in particular, ISIS claimed responsibility.

Eight suspects were arrested and later released after officers realized they had insufficient evidence for the detainment. The investigation continues to prevent future attacks while many mourn the loss of the innocent victims.