What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Jessica Lim, Contributor

Personality tests and similar questionnaires have been growing more and more popular as a social trend where people use them to gain insight not only into their own characters but others as well, through comparing their traits with their friends and family, as many do with the Myers Briggs test, for instance.

Interestingly enough, the way you sleep can also reveal who you are as a person.

In studies by both Robert Phipps, a professional body language expert from England, and Chris Idzikowski, another British researcher and head of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, they found that certain sleeping positions are linked to psychological characteristics, the most common of which have been categorized into the following eight categories:

1.The Fetal Position

When you curl your knees in towards your chest and tuck your arms close to your body or possibly under your pillow. The way they ball up shows that they are worriers and anxious about life. Those who follow this form are tough on the outside but sensitive and soft at heart. Typically shy when first meeting people, ones who tend to tuck into themselves at night will become more open and relax when they are awake with the passage of time.

2. The Log

This is when you lie on your side with your arms and legs straight. Though they may be stiff sleepers, people who sleep like a log are very outgoing and friendly, if at times a little too trusting and gullible.

3. The Yearner

Similar to the log style, the yearner sleeps on their side but has their arms stretched out in front of them, like they are reaching for something. They are complex people who are both open-minded yet cynical, cautious and slow in decision-making, but once they do come to a conclusion they stick with it. They long for something more out of life, and will pursue their dreams to the uttermost in order to gain that fulfillment.

4. The Soldier

Ones who sleep this way lie on their backs with their arms straight by their sides. Soldier sleepers are generally quiet, timid people who set high expectations for both themselves and others. Although strict and stubborn, they make good listeners and are ready helpers for anyone in need.

5. The Freefaller

Freefallers sleep on their stomachs with their arms wrapped around their pillows and their head turned to the side. Their traits include being bold and very social, but have difficulty facing criticism or stressful situations. They often face a lot of anxiety because they feel like they don’t have much control over their lives.

6. The Starfish

These bed-hoggers are most comfortable with their limbs sprawled out, content with taking up all the space they can. People who sleep in this position are generous and willing listeners. They prefer not to be the center of attention, but don’t mind the spotlight every once in a while.

7. The Stargazer

It’s like those classic movie scenes where they fall asleep with their arms behind their heads staring at the sky, only in this case, their eyes are closed and they are already in dreamland. These kinds of sleepers are very positive, easy-going people. They are willing to sacrifice anything for their loved ones, which makes them selfless friends.

8. The Pillow Hugger

Hard-core cuddlers, their need to hold onto something shows their extreme attachment to others and their need for relationships. They treasure the close bonds they make in their life, but they also tend to try and please everyone.


So which one are you?