Winter Outfit and Makeup Look


Kate Hassemer, Staff Writer

As the temperature and snow fall, cozy clothing and a natural and dewy makeup look is a must. Emma Hassemer has some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to creating a warm yet stylish outfit and a face full of makeup that will keep your skin hydrated and looking flawless throughout the day. She has her own blog called Sugar Spice and Style and writes about clothing and gives tutorials on makeup.  So, I decided to chat with her and get some advice about how to create both a cozy and fashionable outfit and natural makeup look, without overdoing it.

Let’s begin with the outfit, which you can see below. One of my favorite parts of this outfit is that it comes from a variety of different stores: Target, Express, Salvation Army, and several others. According to Emma, “anyone could pull off this outfit.” The big fashion trend right now is layering, which is perfect during winter so you can keep warm. Emma’s favorite part of this outfit is the suede jacket, which she thrifted from Salvation Army. If you don’t have a suede jacket, she says that a leather or jean jacket will look perfect over any sweater. She also loves her faux black loafers because they’re so easy to slip on and off. Because this outfit is made up of a majority of neutral colors, she added the scarf to add more contrast and color. Emma always recommends to “add a pop of color to every outfit.”

Now, onto the makeup! Emma likes to mix any full coverage foundation with a BB cream to keep her skin moisturized throughout the day. Along with the all-day hydration, it also adds a nice glow to your skin, which Emma says, “will make your skin look healthy.” In this case, she mixed Maybelline’s BB Cream with L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Glow foundation. Next, she concealed her under eye area to cover up any dark circles with a concealer that is two shades lighter than her foundation. According to Emma, you want the concealer to be lighter than your foundation to erase the darker areas. Once that’s all blended, it’s time to set your face with a translucent powder to prevent your foundation and concealer from smudging and moving around your face. Emma said that “this step is a must” when she does her makeup. She dabbed a little bit of the Laura Mercier translucent powder in her t-zone and under her eyes. After that add some bronzer, a baby pink blush, and golden highlighter to your face for a healthy glow. Emma decided to keep her eyes very simple because she wanted to go for that fresh and natural look. To make herself look more awake, she coated her eyelashes with a light layer of mascara. The latest trend in the makeup world has been fuller brows. To obtain the bushy brow look, she filled in her brows using an NYX brow pencil. She also used a brow gel from Maybelline to keep them in place throughout the day. To finish off the look, she layered her lips with a lip balm and a gloss on top. Emma hates when her lips get dry or crack throughout the day, so she always makes sure to throw a lip balm in her backpack before heading to classes.

Are you interested in more makeup tutorials and outfit ideas? If so, please visit Emma’s blog “Sugar Spice and Style.” The link to her blog is below. All of the outfit details will be below if you’re interested in purchasing them.

Stay warm and stylish this winter season!


  • Jeans: Express
  • Shoes: Target
  • Sweater: Macy’s
  • Scarf: American Eagle
  • Jacket: Thrifted from Salvation Army
  • Earrings: Target
  • Backpack: The North Face 

Emma Hassemer’s Blog:
Photographer: Kate Hassemer
Model and Editor of Pictures: Emma Hassemer