Winter Sports Preview: Speech Team


Bella Gibbs, Staff Writer

With winter sports coming up, let’s remember the #1 winter activity: Speech! Speech auditions were Thursday, October 6, and we welcomed a huge new crowd to the speech team. Lots of talent was shown at the auditions that will give speech a hugely successful season during the 2022-2023 school year.

At the auditions, we saw many people eager to learn, improve, and connect with their team, and there are plenty of returning members and new students who have already established their roles in supporting the team. It’s so exciting to see the team bounce back after the 2020-2021 season! We have seniors Michela Schenk, Kiran Bhalla, Fahim Rafi, Delaney Juenger, Jasmine Morkeh, and Savannah Corbin representing the speech team. Ms. Griffiths, Mrs. Meads, and Mr. Griffiths are positive that this year will be one to remember for speech.

Head coach Mrs. Meads has this to say: “Speech Team auditions were very impressive this year. We had a lot of strong talent try out, and many of our members are new to Speech. I’m most excited to see a large number of underclassmen on the team because they will have the benefit of more years on the team to grow as an actor and/or speaker.

Speech Team is an invaluable activity. We work on building life skills and confidence. To me, Speech Team gave me an outlet for creativity, but also allowed me to gain confidence in who I was. I owe a lot to my high school coaches, and I love that I have the opportunity to work with students to build their speaking skills. It is cool to see kids grow from season to season.” 

Here’s thanks to both returning and new speechies, and have a great season!