Wolf Princess Review/Summary

Marlyn Gajek, Staff Writer

The book Wolf Princess by Cathryn Constable is about a girl whose name is Sophie Smith. The book starts off with her waking up in her dorm in France. She’s heading to class and gets in trouble by the teacher since her shirt has a hole in, actually a lot of them. Her wonderful friends Delphine and Marianne both suggest that she check the lost and found for a better shirt before they go to eat breakfast.  Sophie has no money to buy a new shirt and her guardian Rosemary is such a stubborn old witch who refuses to buy her a new one; her parents passed away for a reason later on told in the book. It’s winter break now and the schoolchildren are being sent off to do things that will help them on later on in life, but Sophie wasn’t chosen by anyone to help so she is left at the school to fend for herself.

At the last minute, Sophie and her friends are called to Russia by someone that they don’t know. Though her aunt doesn’t want to pay any money for the trip, Sophie still manages to get on the flight to Russia. Once they arrive in Russia they go to meet the woman that called them.  They met at a subway station, only to get pushed into the train and left there without tickets. The trains ticket collector finds out they don’t have a ticket, so they are literally tossed out of the train and into the snow. They lose all their things and find what they think is an abandoned house, but when they enter, they find food, drinks, and a fire. The next morning the owner comes by, with all their belongings, and she brought a carriage for them too. They hop into the carriage and are brought to the castle, and are greeted by the princess who lives there.

At the castle they have fun and they enjoy their time, and then they are told the history of the princess that lives there and how her parents passed away in an attack on the castle.  Sophie discovers how she is looking for the castles diamonds that were hidden when the attack happened, though when they were going through the portrait hall the last princess looks a lot more like Sophie then the princess, the one they are walking around with, which is suspicious.The secret is that castle is home to a wolf princess, and she is called the wolf princess because the wolves that live around the castle all protect the princess, and the princess who lived there wasn’t really the princess that owned the castle! Sophie’s past here is kept a secret from her until the servants tell her that the wolves are being locked away, and they hint at her where the castles diamonds are hidden and how Sophie is the wolf princess. She finds the diamonds hanging on a chandelier only for the fake princess to find them and take it from her then ditching the castle. The wolves escape and track her down to get the diamonds back. At the end of winter break, Delphine and Marianne go back home to France, but Sophie decides to stay at the castle to help fix it and keep it safe from any more intruders that are coming back for her family’s treasure. The end.

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