Michela Schenk, Staff Writer

The 2020-2021 school year has been filled with unprecedented uncertainty. Many sports and club teams have dealt with frequent and inconsistent changes to their seasons and new regulations due to the pandemic. This year, Warren Cheer has definitely seen the direct effects of this uncertainty. In a sport that derives its main purpose from bringing excitement and energy to a crowd, this year has taken away one of the most important factors to their work. Without football, this fall and basketball this winter, cheer missed out on a big part of their pre-competition season. For many teams, this would definitely have an impact on their level of performance during competition season, but Warren Cheer doesn’t seem to be fazed. From watching their practice it was clear to see that they are putting in the hard work to create a fantastic season. Scratch Writer Josh Pos had the opportunity to interview Head Coach Kritikos about their season so far. You can view this interview and see some clips of the team’s routines on our YouTube channel or through this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iiwMWhcu6Q

Following this interview, the Varsity team went on to place 3rd at the Johnsburg Invite and 11th at the BG Invite! JV had a fantastic weekend and finished 2nd at the Johnsburg Invite and 10th at the BG Invite!


Best of luck to the WTHS Cheer teams in their coming competitions this weekend!