Yesenia Ruiz- Senior Reflection

High school may not have been exactly what I pictured it to be. It was not the stereotypical coming of age movie I convinced myself of. There was no pristine wardrobe department, the same consistent cast of characters that speak with the perfect dialogue, and where everything follows a clear cut plot line that will inevitably be wrapped up nicely in the end. Instead, there were many conflicts. There were unexpected characters introduced, bizarre dialogue and sets, and some plot lines that did not end so happily ever after. However, I wouldn’t trade any of it for that coming of age movie; it would not be authentic. High school is what you make of it, and I made it my own story. I learned valuable lessons that went past what I learned in the classroom. I had so much character development. 

I owe so much positive memories and skills to my time at Warren and I am so scared to leave the familiarity of all I have ever known, but at the same time I know it is time to conclude this final scene of “High School”. I feel prepared to move on to the sequel of “College” from all that I gathered here, and I will carry every moment here with me. 

If I could give any advice to myself from freshman year, or any freshmen, I would tell them that high school is not nearly so scary. Everything happens for a reason, and it all turns out more than alright in the end. High school will come with challenges you will never be able to imagine- mine came with an entire pandemic and global quarantine. But high school will also come with unimaginable moments of happiness. From small moments to huge ones, make sure you aren’t missing all the positives in life. Do not take any moment for granted. 

As for my next four years, I will be attending Depaul University and majoring in Nursing. I hope in 4 years, when I am a senior in college, I will still be able to remember high school with the same feeling of accomplishment, pride, and joy that I do now.