ZeeMee: The Newest College Fad


Anna Wheeler, Editor

ZeeMee is a college-specific social media that allows college applicants to create a profile and meet other applicants from around the globe. The app’s main focus is to create a place for students to connect and share their ideas about the upcoming admissions process.

The app hosts over 220 colleges and universities and 15,000 high schools so there’s a good chance that many of your peers have hopped on the ZeeMee bandwagon. The app spotlights students who have been admitted to universities and also provides a platform for students attempting to get into those universities to talk with one another.

Brandon Mar, a ZeeMee user from Michigan, said, “I think the premise of the app is promising, but in reality, the purpose is often misconstrued and kids end up off of the platform, in outside group chats. I think it will be most useful when it comes to finding roommates, as preadmission interactions can be futile.”

When you join the app, you are given the opportunity to follow certain college hashtags that automatically place you in the college group chat. There are thousands of students in each chat so it’s near impossible to form connections with every single person. What many students have found helpful is to create smaller group chats by sending links to a ZeeMee group chat in apps such as Snapchat which limits groups to 40 people or less. In my personal experience, I have had the ability to become much closer to a smaller group of people. You can gauge people’s personalities and can learn more about the college process through these new people from around the globe. I ended up finding a group of people that I talked about college and other things with nearly every night, expanding my knowledge of higher education.

Jocie Mintz, a future Northwestern Wildcat, said, “Honestly it’s a really great app. I think it serves best as an app for meeting each other, but after you use the app to make group chats it becomes obsolete. But overall I think it’s always nice to meet new people from around the country, no matter the circumstance.”

Most students seem to find ZeeMee to be most useful as a gateway to meet new people in different apps. Despite the app’s original intention to create a way for students to expand their application by showing college’s a more versatile profile, it has become much more focused on creating bonds between students in similar situations.

The majority of new ZeeMee users have found the app through TikTok. With all applicants suffering through the process due to the pandemic, it has been very hard to find proper resources within their scholar get any hands on help. College counselors are scarcely available and tutors are very expensive. The reason the app has gained so much traction and popularity is because people are posting about using it for their own college application process as the app has proved to be very useful. This year looks very different for applicants between the test-optional process, extreme increase in top college ED applications, and the general unknown of how admissions officers are making their decisions. 

Asha Henry, a Northwestern fencing commit, expressed her love of the app, “Zeemee is a wonderful app for meeting new friends with similar interests from all over the country. although we may never meet in person or end up going to the same school, it is great to find new perspectives from peers.”

The general consensus is that ZeeMee is a wonderful app to meet new people, but it serves as more of a gateway app to meet people with similar interests and similar queries about the university.