FNL – Home vs. Barrington (V)

Antrita Manduva, Staff Writer

Warren’s Varsity Football team opened their season with a victorious 16-6 win against Barrington last Friday, August 30th. The freshman team was also on their A-game, as they flushed out Barrington.

The O’Plaine Stadium saw a high Blue Devil turnout: almost the entirety of the bleachers was full with persons sporting red, white, and blue, owing to the USA theme. Warren’s starting defense was introduced to the loud crowd, as they  performed ‘bro-shake’ and ‘chest-bump’ routines with their starting-peers. The game began with Warren kicking off the ball for Barrington to receive. A few minutes into the game and the referee called out the very first penalty of the night, positive to Warren. Immediately after, however, Warren too was flagged a penalty. Throughout the course of the game, there would be more yellow flags thrown, committed by both teams.

The First Half

Warren’s defense ended the first quarter with a 0-0. After a quick break, they returned for the second quarter, playing Barrington into a touchdown, and settling 10-0 Warren. All the while, the Blue Devils on the bleachers cheered on the players fervently.

Halftime Show

Warren’s Varsity Devilettes put on a great show at Halftime, with finished kicks and popping music. As always, however, the speakers were not on their best behavior, so the music did not translate into the most melodic tunes. After the Devilettes, the Marching Band performed their show-stopper of the night- Avengers-themed music. Color Guard were vibrant and performed elaborate routines: one of them where the performers brought out their sabers and danced with them.  The drumline also went crazy, and the brass instruments and all others blended together to create a beautiful and nostalgic piece that took the listeners back to the movie theater.

The Second Half

The third quarter went by smoothly for the devils. In between the third and the fourth, there was a sportive race between the Blue Blue Devil mascot and the White Blue Devil mascot; the Blue won. Barrington managed to score a touchdown during the second half, bringing the score to 16-6 Warren, as our Home team also scored again.

Friday night’s game was a worthwhile watch, with our Varsity team starting their season strong. The next football game is on Friday, September 6, 2019, at O’Plaine; the theme is Jungle. Dress up in accordance with the theme for a night of fun-filled sports!

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