New Tennis Courts

Emily Craig, Staff Writer

As we open the new school year and welcome everyone back, it is the ideal time to speak about the new changes to the school. For the students and faculty attending the Almond campus, this school year has brought a change to the parking lot. Over the summer, the tennis courts on the north side of the building were revamped and expanded. 


The $750,000 project created an additional two courts and refurbished the already existing ones. These courts are now the central location for all tennis teams at Warren, relegating the O’Plaine campus courts to only be used for “conflicts, some Saturday tournaments, and for some FS(freshman) practices” according to Vince DeSecki, girls varsity, and freshman/sophmore boys tennis coach. Although this may seem wasteful of the courts at the O’Plaine campus, this has allowed those courts to be more readily available for public use, ensuring the space is not left completely vacant.


These courts, while beneficial for the team, required the removal of some parking space in an already cramped parking lot. However, the courts have helped the tennis program immensely in the eyes of Coach DeSecki: “It’s great being able to practice together as a program and for the players to see one another and continually push one another to get better.” This sentiment of togetherness is echoed by Shannon Edler, also a boys and girls tennis coach, “This has created a strong bond of camraderie and allows the freshman and sophomores to see what varsity tennis is like.” 


This project, although expensive, seems to be the right step for the future of the tennis teams; these courts are “beautiful and [the tennis team] is grateful for the support from the administration, school board, and community,” as said by Coach DeSecki. This thankfulness toward the school was also mentioned by Coach Edler, “We are so appreciative of the Administration and Maintenance Staff for the work they put into making sure the facility was done right.”

If you ever want to go and see our tennis teams dominate on the amazing new tennis courts, head on out for a match at the Almond Campus. In the words of Coach DeSecki, “Everyone is welcome to come on out and check out the new courts and learn a great game!”,-87.9827025,504m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x880f9037c877f2fd:0x4ec0feabac12e7a3!8m2!3d42.3589822!4d-87.981576