Red Queen Book Review

Marlyn Gajek, Staff

The book Red Queen by Victorica Aveyard is about two different kinds of people. The Reds, who have red blood, are presently the commoners in the kingdom of Norta. The Silvers with silver blood have supernatural powers and are the nobles of the land. Silvers live in the inner walls, and the main character, Mare Barrows, is a red who lives in the outer walls. She has four siblings, three brothers at war, and a younger sister who helps the family. Mare goes to work at the castle as a maid in order to save her best friend; in the midst of her plan, she discovers that she has the power of electricity. When the nobles find out that a red has powers, they forcefully give Mare a new identity as a royal. Now beginning her new life, the two princes of the kingdom start to fall in love with her: one for her heart and the other for her friends. After the rest of the nobles find out that she is a red with powers, they start to hunt her and her kind down.  Before the book ends, Mare starts a civil war defending the Reds against the silvers.

The next book in the series, Glass Sword, then starts off in the middle of this war.