How Youth is Taking a Stand Against Climate Change

Riley Doyle, Staff Writer

With the given political climate regarding environmental concerns during the Trump administration, one youth directed group has risen to the forefront of the climate change debate: Our Children’s Trust.  The Youth versus Government supreme court case, more formally known as Juliana v U.S., centers around a group of 21 youth plaintiffs aging in range from 10-21 years old.  Advocating for the legal right to climate stability in addition to securing the health of the atmosphere for all current and future generations to come, the leading adolescents and the formidable group of adult backing them up from Our Children’s Trust speaks to the growing opposition to the current EPA administration and other environmental bureaucratic agencies in the Federal government serving under the current presidential administration.

While a trial date was set on February 5th, 2018 before Judge Aiken at the U.S. District Court of Oregon, drastic measures were taken by the Trump administration in efforts of stopping the initial court date. The hashtag “#RatherBeInCourt” was used by Our Children’s Trust members and everyday citizenry alike to draw attention to the blasphemy used to prevent youth from having a say in the political debate.  With continued efforts by Our Children’s Trust, the tenacity of the 21 youth plaintiffs, and the support of the public, the new trial date is to be set in order to bring responsibility to the government for taking care of our earth.  As these inspiring young adults take action, the hope of a green and renewable future becomes increasingly tangible.