Retiring Teachers: Mrs. Geisser


Ifra Waris

This year, I had the privilege of interviewing Mrs. Kory Geisser, who is one of the few teachers retiring this year. Mrs. Geisser is the head of the Special Education department at the O’Plaine Campus. Even though I was not able to interview her in person, she was still able to answer some questions about her career.

Mrs. Geisser attended Ferris State University where she got her Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She received her Master’s of Arts in Teaching/Special Education degree from National Louis University. Mrs. Geisser also holds a Certificate of Graduate Studies/Director of Special Education.

She began her journey at Warren in 2001, and taught special education English I and II until 2012. From 2009-2012, she was the department lead teacher (the department’s first!) and then moved into administration. Now, she’s retiring from that position. Before coming to Warren, Mrs. Geisser taught in Zion District 6 for a few years. However, she has always been in special education. 

When asked about her favorite part of her time at Warren, she said “I chose Warren because of the opportunities and diversity that existed, and have never regretted my decision.” Mrs. Geisser also credits her support system, saying, “I love all that Warren represents…and leave here with many friends. I have a rock-solid team, and seeing how we’ve grown together, and on behalf of the students in my favorite part. The only reason I’m good at what I do is because my team is GREAT at what they do.” 

Finishing off, I asked her for advice she had for us students. “Whenever I meet with students who are making choices that might impact their future, I talk to them about being “selfish.” It’s tempting to be a little crazy, and do things that one might regret, but being selfish helps each of us look forward, and think about how our current choices might impact our future.” Mrs. Geisser also advised that students seek out help when they need it because it is critical to success. 

It’s clear that Mrs. Geiser has made a tremendous impact on so many students’ lives during her time at Warren. Mrs. Geisser plans to spend her retirement working this fall for a private school as a part-time administrator. She also hopes to travel and visit family in LA and Ireland! Mrs. Geisser finished off the interview on an inspiring note: “Enjoy life, be true to yourself, and love hard!”