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Jessica Lim
Hello! This marks my fourth and senior year with the newspaper, and I couldn't be more thrilled or thankful. As chief-of-layout and chief editor, I handle formatting and design for the website as well as the review of all staff submissions before publication. I’ll be covering mainly Warren academics and clubs as well as district news.

At first glance, I am a tall Korean-American girl with a splattering of freckles and wide-framed glasses. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that I am also a classical music fanatic, green tea enthusiast, and fantastic banana bread baker. In my humble opinion, nothing can surpass the bliss of curling up with a good book and a thick blanket when its cold out, or marathoning Studio Ghibli movies in denial of all the tests I need to study for. 

Kidding. mostly.

All jokes aside, while writing is not my strongest suit, it is an important skill and outlet I've been learning how to use more effectively for both public outreach and internal discovery. Connecting with people is an innate necessity for humans - to know others, and to know yourself - which is what Scratch Paper does within our community. I'm so glad to be part of a club that encourages seeking genuineness in news reporting, personal expression, and engagement with the world around us. Here's to another great year!


Jessica Lim, Chief Editor

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