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Lauren Kim, Staff Writer

Contour techniques that make us look like a tiger, eyeshadows with warm and cool, dark and fruity hues, glitter and rainbow eyeliner… all sorts of makeup trends are present in the world today. We see the Kardashians’ makeup lines, their eyeshadow palettes, counters, and highlighters. Rihanna has just come out with her new foundation line, Fenty Beauty. But what is the trend? What are the trends overseas? How different are these trends different internationally? That is what we will be looking into today, and hopefully, you can find a makeup look and or trend that suits you too.

Starting in America we see the strong and defined lines of countering, bronzer, and flashes of highlighter. This is usually accompanied with darker and smokey eyeshadows, sharp-winged black eyeliner, thicker lashes, and mascara. Arched eyebrows are also something of a preference for Western beauty and makeup plus a tanner and matted look is favored overall. Along with a matte and pigmented lip look, lip liners are also used to make lips look fuller. Many individuals focus on these makeup trends to create a mature look. We see these general trends from celebrities, YouTube videos, and even in the school hallways. However, there are even more trends approaching like fake freckles and squiggly eyebrows, as we have seen in the latest Snapchat filters.

If we take a glimpse at Asian makeup trends there is a vast difference. Compared to heavier looks seen in Western beauties, Asian looks are much lighter and more subtle. Their makeup palettes have lighter colors that tend to use pink and orange as a base. BB cushions are used to create a dewy and glowing look compared to a matte face. Ultimately, Asian beauty trends aim to help people look more youthful. Highlighter, bronzer, and the counter are not a necessity when it comes to Asian makeup routines, and even if it is, a very small amount is used. Forget the blinding highlighters and tiger countering there. Instead of coloring their entire lips with lipstick, a gradient and ombre lip look is preferred, which is achieved by coloring your lips darker on the inside and lighter on the outside. Then the lips are topped off with a glittery gloss. Eyebrows here are straighter and eyeliner is thinner, making each less noticeable and more natural. Brown eyeliners are also preferred over black, and their fake eyelashes are also thinner and sport minimal mascara as well. A popular trend in Asian beauty is the cheek and lip tints, an emphasis on eye bags, and BB cushions instead of foundations. Although we see Rihanna’s new line come out with diverse shades of foundation, Asia tends to have shades much paler than an individual’s actual skin tone.

Which makeup do you prefer? Do you favor a darker and heavier look or do you like to keep it light? Maybe your makeup is a mixture of the two trends. However, nothing can change the fact that makeup has become something we see every day, but don’t forget the differences of faces overseas.

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