Plight for the Picture #FlytheW

Myrah Rafiah Beverly, Contributor

When did you see the Cub’s trophy?

“I saw it twice, once on January 7th and once on January 21st. The first one was in Rockford and we waited for 4 hour, 1 hour inside and 3 hours outside in the negative degrees. Second time was 30 minutes. It was at a Cubs Convention; everyone was going for the autographs and the line for the trophy tour was short, so I went to the trophy.”

Who did you go with?

“I went with my mom. My mom taught me all about baseball.”

You couldn’t touch the trophy at all, correct?

“You couldn’t touch the trophy at all. You give them the camera, and they only allow you one or two photos, depending on how nice they are.

How much did you pay to see the trophy? 

“In Rockford, we bought tickets because this was at a hockey game. We paid maybe, 15, 20 bucks. The second time was at a Cubs Convention in Sheraton in Chicago. We bought a pass of $200 each.”

Why would you spend money and time to see a trophy you can’t touch?

“The Cubs haven’t won a world series in 108 years. My mother waited 54 years for a World Series. I technically waited 17 years [for a World Series].  I’ve always been a Cubs fan, born and raised. You know the baby announcements, like ‘It’s a boy!’ thing? Mine was in a Cubs jersey in a baseball card [design]. I played baseball and tee-ball, and always tried to go the Cubs game growing up. I saw them at spring training, two times now. I see them in the regular season usually go 4-5 times a year. Then, I saw them in only to one post season because they’ve been only twice in the last 5 years. It’s the greatest feeling the when Cubs win. I love baseball in general.”

Senior, Josh Goodman